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Why Kubexercises?

Kubexercises arose during the creation of Érase una vez Kubernetes (Leanpub, Amazon) book due to the author's desire to provide exercises that can be evaluated without the intervention of a person.

When people learn new content they need to practice over and over again until they own the knowledge, but these practices are only effective if there is someone or something who can point out the mistakes that are made. In a training course this role is performed by the teacher or mentor, but when reading a book there are only question forums or write to the author to find out the result.

On the other hand, the Kubernetes architecture makes it possible to know the status of all its objects at all times and therefore, it is possible to automate the evaluation process based on a set of instructions.

As a result of these antecedents, the Kubexercises system is created, which has multiple exercises grouped by categories and with the ability to evaluate whether these exercises have been solved correctly.

This system can be very useful in training processes.