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ke pods activity

Run the activities defined for the pods section

ke pods activity [number] [flags]


  # Run the first activity
  ke pods activity 1

  # Puede traducir los mensajes al Castellano
  ke pods activity 1 --lang es

  # Check the answer provided
  ke pods activity 1 --check

  # Remove objects before starting a new activity
  ke pods activity 1 --clean

  # Know the correct answer for the activity
  ## the --answer flag invalidates the --check option
  ke pods activity 1 --answer

  # Use the answer as input to see the result
  ## the --raw-answer flag invalidates --check and --answer flags
  ke pods activity 1 --raw-answer | kubectl apply --filename -
  ke pods activity 2 --raw-answer | sh


      --answer       Show the command needed to answer the exercise.
      --check        Check if the answer meets the requirements.
      --clean        Clean namespaces before runs the activity.
  -h, --help         help for activity
      --raw-answer   Show the raw command needed to answer the exercise.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --lang string   Language used to print application messages. Availables languages are: en and es (default "en")


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